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February 2019

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Can you believe another year has come and gone? 2018 was an interesting year in the health care space. It was full of changing policy decisions and technology innovations that will surely impact our health care system for years to come. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) going on nine years, much attention has been drawn to healthcare quality improvement by payers, clinicians and consumers alike. The level of buy-in across industry stakeholders highlights the importance of quality improvement efforts in health care. Escalating healthcare costs and a higher-than-ever number of insured Americans have also heightened the need for better quality. Today, a great deal of research around patient outcomes and safety, care coordination, efficiency, and cost cutting is underway. Additionally, care redesign initiatives are being evaluated to guide future healthcare quality improvements.

Despite the aforementioned progress, a great deal of work lies ahead. This year the Arkansas Association of Healthcare Quality will try to educate and bring resources to you on the several areas where disparities and gaps in quality still exist. The development of special efforts is underway to address them for a late Spring Workshop for a hands-on approach in bringing in resources to your hospital, clinic, LTPAC facility that will elevate healthcare quality initiatives in your organizations. For instance, only 70 percent of people with high blood pressure are receiving the recommended level of care. Further, disparities in two areas – hospice care and chronic disease management – increased, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. With the late Spring Workshop, AAHQ bring a hands on approach to tackling many initiatives that are taking place in 2019 and beyond at the Arkansas Hospital Association in Little Rock, Arkansas. Date TBA soon, keep a look out on our website and your email!

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SHARE is now collaborating with UAMS East Family Medicine Center that provides primary care medical services to patients of all ages. They offer treatment for acute medical conditions but also ongoing treatment for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and health coaching. They cover all stages of life from pediatric conditions to diabetes education.

The clinic provides convenient diagnostic and support services on site and also are able to perform minor office surgical procedures in clinic as well as offer routine adult and pediatric immunizations. Their caring and compassionate staff serves an 7-county region in the Arkansas Delta.

The data exchange services will also give UAMS East Family Medicine Center in seven counties in the Arkansas Delta, secure access to important information such as lab results, updated patient records and demographic information. This ensures every care provider in a patient’s chain of care has consistent and current information, and that their records are more secure and accessible through the integration with their electronic medical record (EMR). Together, SHARE and UAMS East Family Medicine Center are working to change health care for the better for the residents of the Arkansas Delta. The clinic is also affiliated with the UAMS Medical Center and clinics.

About UAMS East Family Medicine Center:

UAMS East serves a 7-county region in the Arkansas Delta with offices in Helena, West Memphis and Lake Village.  The 5,400 square foot family medical clinic is now open to meet the growing health care needs of the Delta. The new family clinic is home to a team of physicians, nurses and other health care providers dedicated to providing the most up-to-date treatments and the best in personalized care. The new family clinic features eight examining rooms, lab services, patient care and education, diabetes education by a certified diabetes instructor, a registered dietician, immunizations, health coaching, fitness training and telemedicine.

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