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July 2019

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SHARE is working to facilitate Jacksonville Medical Care automated submissions to Arkansas WebIZ.

Little Rock, Arkansas ---July 2019. Beginning in fall of 2018, SHARE and Jacksonville Medical Care have worked together to bring a new feature to their clinic. They will soon be able to automatically submit immunization records to the Arkansas Immunization Information System (WEBIZ) through SHARE, the only statewide health information exchange (HIE).

SHARE has been connected to WEBIZ for the last few years, bringing immunization information to providers treating patients in 75 counties of Arkansas that make up our service area. WEBIZ was built to house complete, accurate, secure, real-time immunization records for the state, providers can access these records when treating their patients to have a comprehensive understanding of their health needs through SHARE. It was the natural connection to assist Jacksonville Medical Care, who is already contributing data to the HIE, to connect to WEBIZ through SHARE.

 By implementing this direct connection, SHARE and Jacksonville Medical Care are eliminating the need for manual and duplicate entry, saving their providers and nurses time by automating a previously tedious task. Jacksonville Medical Care is central Arkansas’s largest family practice group, and through this advancement, their providers, their staff and their patients will reap the benefits.

Electronic access to a patient’s results gives physicians and other healthcare providers in the patients’ chain of healthcare providers the results they need. With the connection to their eMDs electronic medical record (EMR), Jacksonville Medical Care is contributing diagnosis, medications, procedures, vitals, demographics and immunizations of their patients to the HIE for their referral partners to access.

SHARE is also routing the Jacksonville Medical Care provider’s the results of their patients’ such as lab results, diagnosis, discharge summaries, medications from other facilities that are on a different EMR system into the patient’s chart in their eMDs system. This aids in making proper diagnoses, reduces delays in treatment, and eliminates redundant testing if a patient has been referred to another healthcare provider. Additionally, SHARE provides access to 24 hour daily reports notifying the primary care clinic providers and care coordinators when their Arkansas Medicaid patients are admitted and discharged from the emergency department and inpatient discharges in real time.

Not all technology improves patient care–that’s why SHARE focuses on providing only the data Jacksonville Medical Care needs and the right tools to integrate with their workflow and systems, meaning they save time and can focus on what matters most…the patient!

About Jacksonville Medical Care

Mission: To provide high quality, comprehensive, and compassionate family-centered medical care, in an atmosphere of integrity and mutual respect between physicians, patients, and staff.

They are a team of physicians with over 300 years combined experience in Central Arkansas’s largest family practice group. Families in their community have trusted them with their healthcare needs for generations. They are home to an amazing staff dedicated to superior patient care and the health of our community. They take pride in providing occupational medicine services to businesses in their area because they believe a healthy workforce enriches our community.

Services Include: General Medicine

  • Routine Physical (including pap smear)
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension (High blood pressure)
  • Cancer screening
  • Heart Disease
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Stress treadmill
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • EKG
  • Work physicals
  • GERD (acid reflux)
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Urinary tract infection
  • STD screening

Urgent Care

  • Sprains and strains
  • Lacerations needing stitches
  • Simple fractures
  • Ear, eye, and throat infections
  • Colds and Flu
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Skin infection
  • Sunburn


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Smoking Cessation

Learn more about Jacksonville Medical Care here: https://www.jacksonvillemedicalcare.com

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Little Rock, Arkansas – July, 2019  SHARE, the Arkansas’ only statewide health information exchange (HIE), recently connected to Forrest City Family Practice Clinic, Dr. George Conner MD Clinic in Forrest City, Arkansas.

The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE), aggregates health data from many major health systems across the state of Arkansas. By doing this the HIE is designed to reduce instances of redundant care by ensuring providers have a complete, holistic view of patient care when making clinical decisions.

This type of continued collaboration is what SHARE is working on by connecting innovative family medicine practices, such as Forrest City Family Practice Clinic to the statewide HIE,” said HIT Policy Integrator Justin Villines.  “The healthcare ecosystem continues to need these types of interactions that can lead to some really innovative partnerships that help increase how we can better deliver health care to Arkansas patients,” said Villines.

Through this interface connection with Athena electronic medical record (EMR) system, Forrest City Family Practice Clinic is now able to utilize the HIE infrastructure to securely transfer patient lab test results, diagnosis, allergies, conditions, medications, immunizations, progress notes to its network of healthcare providers.  Electronic access to a patient’s results gives physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers in the patients’ chain of healthcare providers the results of lab tests, patient records such as diagnosis, medical history, discharge summaries, social determinants of health (SDOH), lab results, medications, immunizations, vitals and allergies faster to make better clinical decisions. Connections like this continues to aid in better diagnoses, reduces delays in treatment and eliminates redundant testing when a patient is referred to another healthcare provider.

Additionally, SHARE provides access to 24 hour daily reports delivered through SHARE’s DirectTrust Secure Messaging, notifying Dr. George Conner MD and other care coordinators when their Arkansas Medicaid patients are admitted and discharged from the emergency department and inpatient discharges in real time to assist in meeting their 72-hour follow-up metric. The clinics’ care team at Forrest City Family Practice Clinic is also accessing SHAREs’ Virtual Health Record, that aggregates patients record outside of their system of Athena EMR system enabling more accurate diagnoses, faster and more effective treatment, and better outcomes for the patient.

About Dr. George Conner, MD --Forrest City Family Practice Clinic:

Dr. George L Conner III, MD, is a Family Practice specialist in Forrest City, Arkansas. He attended and graduated from University of Tennessee College of Medicine in 1984, having over 35 years of diverse experience, especially in Family Practice. Dr. George Conner is affiliated with Forrest City Medical Center in Forrest City, Arkansas. George L Conner III, MD treats physical symptoms, prescribe medications, diagnose conditions and much more.

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July 2019 --Little Rock, Arkansas The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) announce that Baker Healthcare is now using SHARE, one of the country’s largest and most robust health information exchanges (HIEs). Baker HealthCare care teams now have access to clinical information across participating entities for patients who have authorized sharing their medical information. This allows them to have accurate supplies, equipment and products for their patients that range from children to adults.

In Arkansas, where many large and small health systems use different electronic health record (HER) systems, this is a particularly important milestone because the single interface to SHARE enables Baker HealthCare to access the exchange to better coordinate with providers and patients throughout Northeast Arkansas.

Accessing patient information through this secure exchange allows Baker HealthCare significant access to better coordination with hospitals, family doctors and pediatricians across the state to see a more complete picture of their patients’ medical histories, efficient and safe continuity of care.  By accessing the Virtual Health Record (VHR), it displays information as a traditional clinical chart, with tabs to separate patient information into groups for easy chart review. The VHR retrieves and shows all available data for a selected patient gathered from all participants within SHARE to enable a single, consolidated view of a patient’s health history.

Baker HealthCare can now view the following patient data through SHARE’s VHR:

  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer reports
  • Allergies, Problems, Medications
  • Demographic and Insurance information
  • Laboratory results
  • Radiology reports, image links
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Continuity of Care Documents
  • Progress Notes

Using the VHR option, Baker HealthCare has an up-to-the-minute view of a patient’s health history at the point of care. This puts the power of information and collaboration in the hands of the healthcare team—enabling more accurate, faster and more effective treatment, and better outcomes for the patient.

About Baker HealthCare

Baker Healthcare is an enrolled supplier in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It is located at 824 Cobb St, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401. Baker Healthcare supplies equipment’s and products such as Infusion Pumps: Implantable & Uninterrupted, Hospital Beds: Manual & Pediatric, Hospital Beds: Total Electric & Pediatric, Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies: Mail Order, Dynamic Splints, Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Devices, Enteral Nutrients, Equipment and Supplies, Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies: Non-Mail Order, etc.

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Little Rock, Arkansas – July, 2019          Autumn Road Family Practice is a large independent practice in Little Rock, Arkansas that is connected with the State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE).  Through this integration with their Allscripts EHR system, Autumn Road queries SHARE for any patient data outside of their local EHR environment. The sophisticated querying of the health information exchange (HIE) brings in patient health data from outside their clinic in a single continuity of care document (CCD) to help manage their patients.

This patient data includes admission, discharge and transfer data, lab results, radiology reports, immunizations, progress notes, pathology reports, discharge summaries, medications, emergency room visits and vitals.  From this one customized, easy-to-use interface, Autumn Road Family Practice can manage their patients’ clinical care better. SHARE is the only statewide HIE in Arkansas that facilitates the secure exchange of patient health information among hospitals, physicians, clinicians and other members of the medical community.

Being an independent practice doesn’t mean things are simpler. They deal with the same complexities and changes facing the industry, often with fewer resources to help adapt. By the connection to SHARE and our fully integrated clinical solution, makes it easy for Autumn Road Family Practice to reach a new level in care delivery.

To better track and securely share patients’ complete medical histories, more and more health care providers are participating in HIE. HIE’s helps facilitate coordinated patient care, reduce duplicative treatments and avoid costly mistakes. This practice is growing among health providers because the need for HIE is clear and the HIE benefits are significant. A few examples of HIE benefits include:

  • Improve patient safety by reducing medication and medical errors
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and handling
  • Eliminate redundant or unnecessary testing
  • Improve healthcare quality and outcomes
  • Reduce health related costs

One of SHARE’s primary goals is to provide the right data, to the right provider at the right time to reform the health care delivery system. In other words, care coordination. We complement the services of hospitals and providers by providing a patient-centric solution that allows providers to view the medical records of patients across the continuum of care. With a patient’s consent, doctors at hospitals, emergency departments, nursing homes or provider offices can look up medical records from any participating organization. SHARE can immediately alert doctors when their patient is in the emergency room or admitted to the hospital.

SHARE does this by securely collecting clinical data from providers’ EHRs, aggregating the data, indexing it and cataloging it by type. That data includes patient events, such as emergency department or hospital admissions, doctor’s notes, laboratory results, radiology reports, medications, medical images and care summaries. It then makes this data available to treating providers. The treating provider either uses the HIE portal called SHARE Virtual Health Record Chart or the practice’s EHR, which can query the HIE directly. In this way, an HIE provides a secure statewide network of a patient’s clinical data, saving time and money while providing the best care possible.

About Autumn Road Family Practice:

Autumn Road Family Practice has been in business for over 50 years with more than 130 years of combined primary care physician expertise. They are a private, independently-owned practice of Family Practice residency-trained physicians with established working relationships with area hospitals and physicians.

They offer a seasoned team committed to caring for patients and their families. Their unique qualities include taking time to listen to our patients’ concerns, offering extended hours, twenty-four-hour accessibility to one of their physicians at all times, flexible scheduling so that their patients can be seen the same day if needed and patient access to their medical record on-line. Lab, x-ray, and bone density are conveniently located on-site.

Their experienced and professional staff are committed to providing comprehensive and quality health care. With expanded hours (Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.); and, a convenient location in West Little Rock near the I-430 / I-630 interchange, they provide their patients with easy access to care.

Dr. Philip Pounders, Dr. Linda Rollins, Dr. Joel Tumlison, Dr. Daniel Hardin, Dr. Erin Hekmatpour and Dr. Dan Watson are general practitioners in the medical discipline of Family Practice along with thier Advanced Practice Registered Nurse - Atalie Sessions, APRN. Their providers’ training and experience qualify them to practice in several fields of medicine focused on prevention as well as treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions, including minor office surgery.

Find out more about Autumn Road Family Practice here: https://www.autumnroadfamilypractice.com

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Little Rock, AR July 2019.    Health care providers in Van Buren County and surrounding north central communities continue to securely access patient health records from Ozark Health Medical Center located in Clinton, Arkansas through SHARE, Arkansas’ only statewide health information exchange (HIE). The data sharing builds a more complete medical record for communities and individuals. With the connection to the HIE, it results in fewer repeated tests, better diagnosis and monitoring of chronic conditions and a more comprehensive patient health record.

The continued collaboration with partners such as Ozark Health Medical Center reflects that coordinated care is expanding across a much wider spectrum of facilities.  Ozark Health Medical Center, that serves north central Arkansas and surrounding communities is committed to delivering efficient and effective healthcare. SHARE supports the physician-patient relationship while providing critical, timely clinical data that promotes quality health care, identification of health disparities, health care transparency and health care access to support patient care and physician-patient relationships.

Ozark Health Medical Center is home to Ozark Health Specialty Clinic, a nursing and therapy center that serves the growing needs of their community. Sharing timely clinical patient information, such as admission, discharge and transfer information, lab results, radiology results, progress notes, medications, immunizations and discharge summaries among physicians outside of the hospital with disparate EHRs relies upon a connection to an HIE. Through the connection with Ozark Health Medical Center, HIE participants can access patient data where the patient received care. Sharing of this timely information will improve clinical outcomes, reduce inefficiencies and improve patient safety.

SHARE’s mission is to provide better information to support high quality patient care for the state’s health care community. By increasing data in the health information exchange (HIE), SHARE supplies a more comprehensive health care picture to a patient’s treating physician and care team.

SHARE’s approach uniquely positions it to help physicians, other healthcare providers, integrated delivery networks, accountable care organizations, and others seeking to improve patient outcomes. Patients benefit from fewer repeated tests, missing records and errors, while receiving more informed care during office visits and emergencies.

About Ozark Health Medical Center:

Ozark Health is a fully operational, professionally staffed hospital and nursing home located in Clinton, Arkansas. The 100,000 sq. ft., complex offers:

  • A 25 bed critical access hospital
  • A 132 bed long-term care nursing home
  • 2 state-of-the-art surgical theaters
  • A 7 bed, ultra-modern 24/7 emergency room with full triage
  • The very latest in state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment including MRI, digital radiology, CT scan, ultrasound and mammography. Ozark Health is committed to providing the very best health care possible to the residents of North Central Arkansas Ozark Health is a non-profit organization consisting of a hospital, and a nursing center attached to the hospital.

Ozark Health is a locally owned and operated health system providing hospital, long-term care & home health services. To provide the best healthcare their team of healthcare professionals are guided by the Ozark Health mission and values.

Mission – Always provide outstanding healthcare

Values – Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service, Professionalism, Education, Compassion and Teamwork

Learn more about OHMC: https://www.ozarkhealth.net