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OHIT Partners with Get Real Health to Offer a Patient Portal

Mon, 08/12/2013 - 12:12 -- Christy.William...

In 2012, the Arkansas Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) issued a Patient Portal Request for Information (RFI) and explored offering a statewide patient portal for participating SHARE health care providers. Due to resource limitations, a patient portal will not be subsidized by OHIT at this time.

However, we have negotiated tiered, statewide pricing for providers contracting with Get Real Health, which will offer a patient portal solution directly to providers that allows them to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements for patient engagement. OHIT is not managing or implementing this solution.

We will work with Get Real Health to determine the viability of using SHARE as a communications pathway for third-party patient portals. If Get Real Health’s e-commerce solution works as planned, OHIT will work with other existing patient portal vendors to ensure their patients have access to the same levels of health information through the statewide HIE.

We thank all the vendors who participated in the RFI for their interest and participation the process.

For more information, see the Get Real Health announcement.

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