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HISP-to-HISP alternative for hospitals

SimpleSHARE is an alternative for some hospitals who:

  • Are already using a HISP.
  • Are not ready either technically or financially to implement the full SHARE solution.
  • Want to meet the Arkansas Medicaid PCMH requirement that they be able to connect to SHARE.
  •  Need an economy option, implemented quickly.
  • Need to be able to communicate with SHARE users from their own system.
  • Want to increase the health and health connectedness of their communities.
  •  May be interested in later implementing a more complete SHARE solution.


SimpleSHARE hospitals can communicate with SHARE-connected users, but do not have access to the many other benefits of the full SHARE HIE integration

For more information about SimpleSHARE's technical requirements or suitability for your hospital, please contact SHARE at the Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) by calling (501) 410-1999 or via email