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White Hall Family Medicine Associates Joins SHARE Network


Little Rock, Arkansas – May, 2019

SHARE is happy to announce our new participant, White Hall Family Medicine Associates. White Hall Family Medicine Associates is the newest independent family medicine clinic to join the SHARE network! This independent provider practice is located in White Hall, Arkansas providing high quality, patient-centered health care. White Hall Family Medicine Associates was founded to provide convenient, complete and compassionate healthcare to their community.

The data exchange service will give the physicians, nurses and care team, in Jefferson County and surrounding areas, secure access to important information such as lab results, updated patient records, vitals, allergies, discharge summaries and demographic information. This ensures every care provider in a patient’s chain of care has consistent and current information, and that their records are more secure and accessible than with paper files.

“With the clinic accessing their patient’s data securing from the SHARE exchange, they will be able to see the bigger picture of their patient’s overall health outside of their clinic. This will include if their patients have been to the hospital or seen a specialist since their last visit, updated test results and progress notes will be right there in their records,” said Justin Villines, HIT Policy Integrator with SHARE. “Patients won’t have to worry about remembering every detail for a primary care visit because their doctors and care team will have a more complete picture of their patients’ health ,” said Villines.

About White Hall Family Medicine Associate:

Your Family … Our Team … Good Health

No matter what age or stage in life, White Hall Family Medicine Associates is committed to providing skilled, quality, comprehensive healthcare. While they continue to keep pace with the latest advancements in medicine, they never forget that each patient is a unique individual. As highly trained, dedicated and experienced physicians, they offer a comprehensive full-service family practice dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate healthcare to patients. As a partner in healthcare, they listen to patients concerns and can help them develop a wellness program that will assist in maintaining optimal health and wellness.


Chronic Illness Management: Chronic illnesses include, but are not limited to, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, arthritis and allergies. Such illnesses generally require a lifetime of treatment.

Acute Care: Acute care illnesses include such things as upper respiratory infections, bladder infections, back, neck and other musculoskeletal injuries – maladies that, while possibly severe, are generally brief when properly treated.

Wellness Care: physicians strongly recommend patients have a wellness physical once a year. An annual wellness examination provides physicians with the information necessary to ensure patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, and is also a key to early diagnosis and treatment of potentially serious diseases.

Annual Visits: Include Pap smears (Papanicolaou test), prostate exam, blood work, colon (Colorectal) cancer screening.

Immunizations: Maintaining the recommended immunization schedule is an important aspect of wellness for both adult and pediatric patients.

On-Site Lab & X-Ray:  This includes blood tests, urinalysis, serologies for mono and pregnancy tests. Physicians are able to order chest, bone and joint X-rays on-site and have the results within a reasonable amount of time. The availability of these capabilities in their clinic (and not at a third-party facility) allows them to provide patients with quicker diagnosis and treatment – often while they are being examined.

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