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Office Training

Our authorized SHARE representatives will work closely with you and your staff to train your office on using SHARE. Our goal is to make sure you and your employees are comfortable with SHARE and will use it often. Your SHARE implementation specialist will provide your team with hands-on training before launch, and will be available to answer your questions as you use SHARE.

  • Initial Training: This training is in-person and by request only.
  • Online Classes: Our LIVE training classes are offered via Zoom on a weekly basis. Register here.
  • Other Training: This includes follow-up training, site visits, workflow analysis and customized training on an as needed basis. Ideal for training new staff or as a refresher.

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Training

The SHARE-Activity-E-Guide-2024 is to help you prepare your documentation for the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC) Quality Assurance Team. This team will review your process of getting 24 hour daily reports on your Medicaid patients. The reports provide information as to when Medicare patients are admitted and discharged from the emergency department, as well as when they are discharged from patient encounters and transferred back to your facility for follow-up for the Medicaid PCMH Program. Learn more with the 2024-PCMH-Program-Policy-Addendum.

Activity E: Join SHARE or participate in a network that delivers hospital discharge information to practice within 48 hours

Activity E Deadline: 6/30/2024

    1. Indicate if the practice has joined SHARE.
      • Indicate the ability to access inpatient discharge information via SHARE.
      • Indicate the ability to access patient transfer information via SHARE.
    2. If the practice has not joined SHARE, indicate if the practice participates in a network that delivers hospital discharge information to the practices within 48 hours of discharge.
    3. Practices are to document completion of this activity via the QCI provider portal and attest that the described activity has been completed and that proper evidence of such can be provided upon request.

SHARE can send event notifications for emergency department admissions, emergency department discharges and inpatient discharges on ALL patients. Whether you are in PCMH, Primary Care First (PCF), Accountable Care Organization (ACO), etc. SHARE can assist you in following up when your patients are transitioning form the hospital emergency department and inpatient back to your clinic. SHARE 24 hour daily reports permit your clinic to track high priority patients, frequent flyer emergency room users in real time.

Note that SHARE will need a patient attribution from each practice with specific data fields. 

VHR Training

SHARE offers these training materials to registered SHARE users who have chosen SHARE’s Virtual Health Record (VHR) solution.

DirectTrust Secure Messaging Training

SHARE offers these training materials to registered SHARE users for providers who have selected and registered for SHARE’s Secure Messaging solution.


Still need help? SHARE offers several ways for providers to get help. Visit our SHARE Support page to choose the best option for you.

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