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What is SHARE?

Throughout history, patient medical records have commonly found their repository in paper format, housed within filing cabinets stationed across diverse medical facilities. In the modern era, a noticeable transformation has taken place, with numerous clinics and hospitals veering away from traditional paper charts to embrace electronic health records (EHRs). Notably, in 2011, a pivotal shift occurred as over 37% of office-based physicians in Arkansas introduced EHR systems into their practices, as reported by the Department of Health & Human Services. This paradigm shift has only gained momentum since then, with the adoption of EHR systems consistently on the rise. By 2013, a comprehensive change was evident as all hospitals in Arkansas made the transition to EHR systems. Presently, industry experts posit that the utilization of EHR systems has surged, estimating that more than 90% of office-based physicians in Arkansas have presently integrated this technology into their professional workflow.

A digital health care infrastructure provides many benefits over paper systems. But just like paper charts, electronic health records are stored within a clinic or hospital system and are rarely shared with your other providers. As a result, your doctors seldom have access to all your health information, which they need to give you the best care possible.

The Arkansas State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) is a state-wide health information exchange (HIE) that solves this problem. SHARE allows participating doctors, nurses, specialists, health services professionals, and public health authorities to access and securely exchange with each other real-time, electronic patient information that is protected by federal and state privacy and security laws.

What SHARE Provides

SHARE provides health information in a standardized electronic format and enables medical data to follow patients rather than being housed in separate physician’s offices or within a single hospital system. SHARE can greatly improve the completeness of patient’s records, which can have a major effect on care as medical history, current medications, and other information is reviewed during visits.

Appropriate, timely sharing of vital patient information through SHARE can better inform decision-making at the point of care and allow providers to:

  • Avoid hospital readmissions
  • Avoid medication errors
  • Improve diagnoses
  • Decrease duplicate testing
  • Improve patient care coordination
  • Promote improved management of chronic diseases

Participating SHARE providers have access to their patients’ lab results, X-ray reports, medication allergies, and other vital information. By viewing health histories in SHARE, health care providers will have more complete medical information to provide high-quality care and coordinate treatment with other health care providers.

How To Learn More About SHARE

Be sure to visit our FAQs page to get answers to some of the most common questions. You may also call us at 501-410-1999 or contact us online.


Health care providers may start their application process to  join SHARE by using our online enrollment form. Once the form is processed by our staff, a SHARE implementation specialist will contact you to complete the application process.

Patient Information About SHARE

With our downloadable flyers, patients can learn more about their participation in SHARE and how their medical information is handled. 

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