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HIE Adoption Status

The Status of HIE Adoption in Arkansas

Check this page often for key information and updated metrics about SHARE adoption and use in Arkansas.

Figures updated as of March 2023
  • 112Hospitals Contributing and Retrieving Data
  • 4Hospitals Retrieving Data Only
  • 116TOTAL Connected Hospitals
  • 2,829Practices Contributing and Retrieving Data
  • 635Practices Retrieving Data Only
  • 3,464TOTAL Connected Practices
  • 196Behavioral Health Facilities Contributing and Retrieving Data
  • 92Behavioral Health Facilities Retrieving Data Only
  • 288TOTAL Connected Behavioral Health Facilities
  • 7Long-Term Post-Acute Care Facilities Contributing and Retrieving Data
  • 23Long-Term Post-Acute Care Facilities Retrieving Data Only
  • 30TOTAL Connected Long-Term Post-Acute Care Facilities
  • 52Pharmacies, Dentists, Etc. Contributing and Retrieving Data
  • 8Pharmacies, Dentists, Etc. Retrieving Data Only
  • 60Total Connected Pharmacies, Dentists, Etc.
TOTAL Facilities Connected to SHARE HIE: 3,958

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