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SHARE Makes Your Job Easier

With SHARE, you can accomplish all of these tasks, and more, through one connection:

Save time. SHARE helps reduce your patient intake time, reduces duplicate tests and paperwork, and gives you more one-on-one time with your patients.

Save money. One connection to SHARE gives you direct access to many health care data partners, such as public health registries, and saves you the enormous cost of having to pay your EHR vendor for each individual interface.

Receive clinical patient data in your EHR: Patient data that other providers (hospitals, specialists, labs, pharmacies, and others) push to SHARE can feed directly into your EHR (where capable).

Automate reporting to multiple Arkansas Department of Health Registries: Instantly send reports to public health databases such as Immunization, Cancer registries, and other databases like Electronic Lab Reporting and Syndromic Surveillance. One interface will connect you to all databases without costly per-registry EHR vendor fees.

Achieving Promoting Interoperability/MIPS/MACRA: Satisfy MIPS/MACRA and Promoting Interoperability criteria, that require you to send a care summary (Continuity of Care Document-CCDs) with each transition of care referral, and have bi-directional exchange of immunizations with the immunization registry.

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