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SHARE connects to Forrester Davis Development Center’s deTASO EMR

Arkansas, May 2022

“SHARE has assisted us by identifying emergency department visits and inpatient stays of our children when they go to hospitals connected to SHARE including Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Regional Health System.” Joy Wilson, Administrator

Forrester Davis Development Center in Clarksville, Arkansas provides services for developmentally delayed children, ages 6 weeks to five years. The center serves Johnson, Franklin, and Logan counties. Forrester Davis Development Center has been a part of the Clarksville community for many years. Their children’s department serves children 6 weeks of age to school age that are developmentally delayed or disabled. They have therapists on-site and contract from other agencies to ensure our children have the best-related services possible. 

Forrester Davis Development Center integrated their deTASO Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with SHARE and sends real-time clinical data such as progress notes.  Forrester Davis Development Center also receives hospitalization reports and COVID 19 positive reports of their children.    

By viewing their patients’ health records in the SHARE web portal, also called the Virtual Health Record, Forrester Davis Development Center knows when one of their children, including high-risk patients, are receiving treatment in other SHARE-connected clinics.  In addition, the staff knows, on a daily basis, when patients are hospitalized or visits the emergency department (ER). This is a game-changer for the center, which did not have this information to manage their children before connecting to SHARE. Now, the center can contact the guardians of the children to make sure they are doing ok after a hospitalization.

Joy Wilson said that the center uses SHARE’s Secure Messaging and the Virtual Health Record to identify emergency department and inpatient stays with other healthcare providers in the region and to access historical data on current and new children they are serving.  The centers’ integration with SHARE successfully provides true interoperability for this developmental center. Another great advantage of the SHARE connection is COVID notifications “During COVID-19, being integrated with SHARE gives Forrester Davis Development Center the ability to access COVID testing results for their children regardless of the facility performing the testing.” said Wilson.

About Forrester Davis Development Center:

F.D.D.C.’s Children’s Program is licensed as an (EIDT) Early Intervention  Day Treatment facility. The Preschool (3-5 years) is also licensed through the Department of Education. Early Childhood Special Educators and a DHS Development Disability Service Coordinator provide comprehensive and individualized programs for each child. Program components include evaluation, individualized program planning, special education instruction, access to physical, speech, and occupational therapies as needed, and the services of a full-time nurse. Day Treatment is provided for infants/toddlers (6 weeks – 3 years) and preschoolers (3-5 years). Eligibility for services is based on evaluation results. F.D.D.C.’s Children’s Program has a comprehensive curriculum which includes instructions designed to increase developmental levels in the areas of language and communication, cognitive, social/emotional, adaptive/self-help, and fine/gross motor skills. It is our goal to utilize the best preschool instructional practices available to create a learning environment that is rich in creativity and fun as we work to meet each child’s individual needs. When necessary, children may be evaluated for the additional services provided by the Center.


Forrester-Davis Development Center’s mission is to provide educational/habilitative services that enable developmentally disabled children to pursue independence and a better quality of life.


For the children of Johnson County and surrounding areas to be able to receive the services they need to reach their full potential and start them on their way to becoming happy and productive citizens.

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