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Holistic Patient Health Information at Your Fingertips

SHARE gathers your patients’ clinical data from all participating health care providers to instantly give you a holistic view of your patients’ health history, treatment and progress. That’s powerful information that can transform the way you plan, deliver, and coordinate health care.

What Can You Do With SHARE?

  • Access your patients’ records online, no matter where you are
  • Reduce medication errors through care coordination and record sharing
  • Avoid duplicate testing and procedures
  • Access Emergency Department and other discharge summaries after your patient is released from the hospital
  • Identify important drug interactions that will improve patient safety
  • Expedite public health reporting, such as reportable lab conditions
  • Streamline workflow and cut administrative costs
  • Promote a patient centered environment
  • Promote early detection, prevention and management of chronic diseases
  • Better coordinate your patients’ care among their other health care providers
  • Meet Meaningful Use requirements and receive federal Medicare and Medicaid incentives, if you are an eligible provider or hospital
  • Use secure email messaging to send information to another care coordinator, instead of faxing or mailing paper information

What Patient Health Data Can be Exchanged in SHARE?

As the participating provider, you can decide what patient information to exchange in SHARE, and whether or not to exchange specially protected data. The following clinical data can be pushed from your EHR system into SHARE (when EHR systems are capable):

  • Clinical care summaries
  • Lab results
  • Discharge summaries
  • Radiology reports
  • Medication histories
  • Transcribed documents

How Does SHARE Work?

SHARE brings together your patients’ health information from multiple sources to build a complete patient medical record, known as a Longitudinal Patient Record.

The information exchange happens online, in real-time, through a secure connection between your EHR and SHARE. Patient health records from your EHR are pushed into SHARE, where they become a part of your patients’ Longitudinal Patient Records and are available to other participating providers to access as needed.

Physicians, specialists, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, long-term care givers and others involved in your patients’ care are also pushing their health records into SHARE and contributing to their Longitudinal Patient Records, which you can view through the SHARE Virtual Health Record (VHR).

What About HIPAA and Privacy?

Information exchanged through SHARE is secure, protected by state and federal laws, and only used by authorized personnel.

SHARE’s privacy policy makes patient participation in SHARE voluntary. Patients may choose to not “share” their health information through SHARE except in an emergency or disaster situation. This policy will allow the patient to make an informed decision regarding provider accessibility to their personal health information in SHARE. Patients will have the opportunity to opt-out, if they wish, at their first appointment after your facility activates SHARE, and periodically thereafter.

SHARE also offers a Secure Messaging feature that allows health care providers to send and receive sensitive health information through secure email messages in order to comply with state and federal law.

Connect to SHARE

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