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SHARE Publishes Article in October AMS Journal

Health care providers may question why they should partcipate in a Health Information Exchange (HIE) when they already use an EHR system that is capable of sharing patient data with other providers. But what does it actually take for that EMR/EHR system to exchange data with the myriad hospitals, specialists, labs, pharmacies, public health registries and other organizations that need it? With the average cost of an interface ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, according to the Pacific Health Journal, achieving interoperability with numerous EHR interfaces can cost providers a lot of time and money. HIEs like SHARE offer a more coordinated approach to data sharing.

SHARE explored this topic in an article published in partnership with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care in the October issue of the Arkansas Medical Society Journal. Check it out to learn about how HIEs like SHARE offer a more coordinated and potentially less expensive approach to data sharing than one-to-one EHR interfaces.

SHARE: Bridging the Interoperability Gap between EHRs