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24-Hour Daily Hospitalization Reports

Why Use Daily Hospitalization Reports?

Being a primary care physician means knowing the most current information regarding your patients. SHARE Daily Reports can help you do that. Our Daily Reports make available to healthcare providers the most recent critical events with patients within the last 24 hours regardless of insurance payers.

What Data is Included in Reports?

Our Daily Reports are a data service that makes updates available to healthcare providers when a patient is:

  • Admitted to an emergency department
  • Discharged from an emergency department
  • Transferred from outpatient to inpatient
  • Discharged from an inpatient encounter



How Can This Information Be Used?

Access to this timely information can be used to:

  • Improve care management and coordination for patients or members
  • Prevent hospital readmissions
  • Improve disease management
  • Inform quality improvement
  • Help healthcare providers pinpoint areas for improving outcomes
  • Assist in containing costs

How is This Report Obtained?

Simply provide us with a patient attribution list and we return to you a daily report over the last 24 hours if your patient has had an event at your local hospital, see sample report below.

24-Hour Daily Hospitalization Report Example

Through direct secure messaging, we can notify you when patients are hospitalized or visit an emergency department.

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