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OHIT Reports HIE Progress Made in 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on a year of tremendous progress made in the implementation of the statewide health information exchange. These are the major milestones we've achieved thanks to the efforts of our OHIT staff, vendor partnerships and support of the health care community:

  • 148 health care sites and 498,454 patient records are on-boarded to SHARE.
  • OHIT and Delta Regional Authority partnered to offer $10,000 grants to Critical Access and Small Rural Hospitals to connect to SHARE. Grants will be awarded to 12 hospitals in January 2014.
  • OHIT is helping make SHARE more affordable to the provider community by negotiating statewide contracts with EMR vendors that reduce or eliminate the vendor’s one-time interface fee to connect to SHARE. The average savings for providers is $10,000.
  • OHIT is building interfaces to the Arkansas Department of Health, including a gateway for Immunizations and connectivity for ELR and Syndromic Surveillance to automate public health reporting through SHARE.
  • For the Arkansas PCMH project, effective January 2014, Medicaid is requiring Practices to use SHARE to transmit admission/discharge data between unaffiliated participants.

For the full report, download the 2013 Year-End Summary [PDF]