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SHARE Announces Partnership with Finnegan Health Services, Arkansas’ largest Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Organization


Finnegan is one of the oldest & most-trusted Arkansas DME companies. By further expanding its interoperability with using SHARE (Arkansas’ only Statewide HIE), Finnegan Health Services is using SHARE to access a patient’s DME orders and results, especially from large enterprise healthcare systems. SHARE is providing the ability to securely share accurate patient health information with Finnegan Health Services, which can help to improve the speed, safety and quality of patient care while potentially cutting costs and time.

By utilizing SHARE, Finnegan Health Services will be able to enhance the way they provide quality medical products ordered by health care providers while improving patient care and enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives. Although Finnegan will not be able to push their patient’s health records into SHARE, they will be able to use the Virtual Health Record (VHR) to view a patients’ health record and get a more complete picture of their health from participating hospitals providers involved in their patients’ care. By also using SHARE Secure Messaging, Finnegan Health Services will be able to share clinical information— such as diabetic supplies prescriptions filled, urinary supplies prescriptions filled, wound care prescription supplies filled, etc. —through secure, encrypted email exchange with other providers. Most importantly, other providers can send Finnegan Health Services referrals securely and instantly that assist with transitions of care. They have been serving Arkansas and beyond since 1984.

About Finnegan Health Services:

Finnegan Health Services is the largest and oldest family owned durable medical equipment provider in Arkansas. We specialize in incontinence, urinary, and diabetic supplies. Finnegan Offers a Wide Variety of Medical Supply Products, Including, But Not Limited to:

  • Incontinence Supplies: Child & adult diapers, pull-ups, pads, underpads/chux, wipes & gloves
  • Urinary Supplies: Catheters, Foley catheters & drainage bags, condom catheters
  • Diabetic Supplies: Testing supplies for diabetes & gestational diabetes
  • Nutritional & Tube Feeding Supplies:  Simply Thick® food thickeners, pudding & formula
  • Bathroom Safety Equipment: Shower & commode chairs, transfer benches & sprayers
  • Respiratory & Tracheostomy Supplies: AeroChambers® & peak flow meters
  • Wound Care Supplies: Basic & specialty dressings, including foam & hydrocolloid

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