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SHARE is now integrated with Credible, a behavioral health EHR, to improve on health data exchange


  • Promoting Behavioral Health Data Exchange with Perspectives Behavioral Health Management
  • Improving Comprehensive Patient Care
  • Identifying High Risk Patients

Little Rock, Ark. March 2019 ­- Health information exchanges (HIEs) play a hand in enabling more practical, timely health data exchange to participating healthcare organizations and their patients.  While electronic health record (EHR) systems and health data exchange solutions have been common tools within hospitals and physician practices for close to a decade, many behavioral healthcare providers are just beginning to integrate EHR use into care delivery. This includes integration with HIEs for a more complete picture of health of the patient.

The only statewide HIE in Arkansas, State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE), has now integrated with Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, that use Credible, a behavioral health EHR, to improve comprehensive care throughout West Arkansas. This includes records such as diagnostic evaluation, diagnoses, discharge plan/summary, medications and continuity of care documents (CCDs).

With this integration, SHARE excludes sensitive labs, psychotherapy notes and substance abuse information adhering to 42 CFR Part 2. SHARE also, provides Perspectives Behavioral Health Management access to 24 hour daily reports notifying the behavioral health clinic providers and care coordinators when their patients are admitted and discharged from the emergency department and inpatient discharges.

Perspectives Behavioral Health Management’s main clinic is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas and provides care at Clarksville, Greenwood, Mulberry clinics and also sees patients at over 20 school based treatment programs throughout the Fort Smith region. Perspectives Behavioral Health Management services Day Treatment (adult), Traditional office-based counseling (child/adult), Psychological testing (child/adult), School-Based Services (child), and Crisis Intervention services.

These efforts to include behavioral health in the electronic data exchange mark progress toward enabling more comprehensive, complete patient care. Despite a growing awareness of the importance of behavioral health data to primary care providers and hospitals, behavioral health data sharing continues to lag behind.

With this integration of behavioral health data into SHARE it ultimately results in a more complete picture of a patient’s health and assists with information gaps. Integrating behavioral health and other data types into SHARE is imperative to mitigating these information gaps and avoiding potential inhibitors to positive patient health outcomes resulting in improving managed mental health.

About Perspectives Behavioral Health Management

The philosophy of Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC is to provide top quality care to individuals and families served to help them achieve their treatment plan goals. Key principles of treatment include evidenced based practices to accurately assess and intervene for remediation and/or management of mental health symptoms across all populations served.  Integration of cultural sensitivity and family involvement are part of treatment to enhance success. Each patient has individual needs and goals which are the priority of treatment.  PBHM will assess and treat in a compassionate manner. Services are designed to help patients' transition into a less restrictive environment as they complete their goals.

Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC, has earned a reputation for providing quality mental health services in a timely and efficient manner. We have a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment which utilizes the skills of the psychiatrists, therapists, paraprofessionals, and nurses working together under the physician’s supervision, in order to facilitate a comprehensive and constructive plan of care for the patients that we treat.  The treatment team works in collaboration with the consumer to develop the most appropriate plan of care given the presenting problem, needs/desires of the consumer, and resources available to that Individual We Serve

Our Mission is to provide quality outpatient mental health services based on sound business practices. Central to our Mission is our desire to be the premier provider of quality outpatient mental health services in the State of Arkansas by providing a multitude of innovative services based on need and available resources while assisting both the family and community in the promotion of healing and change.

We will:

  • Provide excellence through our use of progressive and proactive services
  • Attract highly qualified personnel
  • Develop community partnerships
  • Value professionalism, teamwork, integrity, and responsibility
  • Continually assess program delivery

Services provided include:  Day Treatment (adult), Traditional office-based counseling (child/adult), Psychological testing (child/adult), School-Based Services (child), and Crisis Intervention services.

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