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Lawrence County Family Clinic’s Athena EMR System is now integrated with SHARE


Little Rock, Arkansas – August 2019          SHARE, the state’s only statewide health information exchange (HIE), recently connected to Lawrence County Family Clinic in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE), aggregates health data from many major health systems across the state of Arkansas. By doing this the HIE is designed to reduce instances of redundant care by ensuring providers have a complete, holistic view of patient care when making clinical decisions.

Through this interface connection with Athena electronic medical record (EMR) system, Lawrence County Family Clinic is now able to utilize the HIE infrastructure to securely transfer patient lab test results, diagnosis, allergies, conditions, medications, immunizations, progress notes to its network of healthcare providers. 

Electronic access to a patient’s results gives physicians, nurses and other health care providers in the patients’ chain of health care providers the results of lab tests, patient records such as diagnosis, medical history, discharge summaries, social determinants of health (SDOH), lab results, medications, immunizations, vitals and allergies faster to make better clinical decisions. Continued connections like this continues to aid in better diagnoses, reduces delays in treatment and eliminates redundant testing when a patient is referred to another health care provider.

Additionally, SHARE provides access to 24-hour daily reports delivered through SHARE’s Direct-Trust Secure Messaging, notifying Lawrence County Family Clinic’s care team when their Arkansas Medicaid patients are admitted and discharged from the emergency department and inpatient discharges in real time to assist in meeting their 72-hour follow-up metric. The clinics’ care team at Lawrence County Family Clinic is also accessing SHAREs’ Virtual Health Record (VHR), that aggregates patients record outside of their system of Athena EMR system enabling more accurate diagnoses, faster and more effective treatment, and better outcomes for the patient.

The clinic can now view the following historical patient data as well through SHARE’s VHR:

  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) reports
  • Allergies, Problems, Medications
  • Demographic and Insurance information
  • Laboratory results
  • Radiology reports, image links
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Continuity of Care Documents
  • Progress Notes and Vitals

This type of continued collaboration and innovations is what SHARE is working on by connecting family medicine practices, such as Lawrence County Family Clinic to the statewide HIE,” said HIT Policy Integrator Justin Villines.  “The healthcare ecosystem continues to need these types of interactions that can lead to some really innovative partnerships that help increase how we can better deliver health care to Arkansas patients.”

About Lawrence County Family Clinic:

The Lawrence County Family Clinic has been in operation in its present location since 1976.  The clinic offers a wide range of services for preventative care and health maintenance as well as for diagnosing and managing new medical problems.  They have a full-service lab and radiology in-house, as well as spirometry.  Their physicians are all trained to take care of patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.  Minor surgical procedures such as lesion removal and laceration repair can also be performed at their clinic.

Learn more about them at: