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St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center Continues Partnership with SHARE

Little Rock,  Arkansas  October  2019  The  State  Health  Alliance  for Records Exchange (SHARE) announces a continued partnership with St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center in a groundbreaking move, allowing for secure sharing of patient medical records with other SHARE connected physicians and providers throughout Pocahontas, Arkansas and surrounding communities.

St. Bernards Five Rivers is the only one in the state of Arkansas to receive gold level quality for excellence in both stroke and heart attack according to Best Hospitals by U.S. News, 2019 rankings.  Patients of St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center will benefit from a higher quality of care as a result of this connection. Now caregivers, family doctors, emergency room physicians, specialists, pharmacies and long-term care facilities can have secure, HIPAA-compliant access to patient records in real time as a SHARE participant.

SHARE is integrated with both hospitals’ electronic health record (EHR) system, MEDHOST. They are now sending admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) information and laboratory results to assist in better care coordination and transitions of care.   SHARE is also assisting the hospital with their syndromic surveillance and electronic lab public health reporting to the Arkansas Department of Health Registries.

Also, SHARE is assisting in real-time 30-day readmissions. The 30-day readmission notification project allows St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center to receive a secure message notification when a patient discharged from their facility is readmitted into any SHARE participating hospital within a 30-day timeframe.

SHARE also alerts referral primary care providers when their patients have been to the emergency room or had an inpatient discharge in a real-time 24-hour daily report. SHARE also routes the laboratory results that have been performed at the hospital to their referral providers throughout their community.  The hospital and clinics’ care teams also are accessing SHARE’s Virtual Health Record (VHR) which aggregates patients records outside of their system of Medhost and Athena EMR system enabling more accurate diagnoses, faster and more effective treatment, and better outcomes for the patient.

They can now view the following historical patient data through SHARE’s VHR:

  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer reports
  • Allergies, Problems, Medications, Demographic and Insurance Information
  • Laboratory results, Radiology reports, image links
  • Discharge Summaries, Continuity of Care Documents, Progress Notes and Vitals

SHARE’s continued mission is to provide better information to support high quality patient care for the State of Arkansas health care community. This is being accomplished by increasing patient results data in the health information exchange (HIE) that is provided in real-time when providers and care teams need it.

About St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center

Five Rivers Medical Center first opened its doors on October 23, 1950 as Randolph County Memorial Hospital. The idea for a hospital in the county, was born out of the Pocahontas Kiwanis Club and was fulfilled after the land was donated by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Baltz Sr. From 1950 until 1980, the hospital was located at the current location of Randolph County Nursing Home on Hospital Drive. The hospital opened with 32 beds which was outgrown quickly. In 1972, an additional 10 beds were added to aid with the rapid expansion of services provided.

The hospital’s current location was opened in 1980 and was licensed for 50 beds and the name was changed to Randolph County Medical Center.  At that time, it included an OB and Nursery as well as three large surgical Suites. In August 1992, the Senior Care Unit went into operation.   Television and Radio star Art Linkletter attended the opening ceremonies. Since opening, the Senior Care program has served over 4000 patients and conducted free screenings for over 6000. In December 2000, the four-bed emergency room was updated to a state-of-the-art seven-bed emergency department.

In 2007, the hospital’s name was changed to Five Rivers Medical Center due to new City Ownership. In 2011, the Arkansas Department of Health Trauma Section awarded the Emergency Room with a Level 4 Trauma Designation. Also, in 2011, the Emergency Room became affiliated with the UAMS AR Saves Stroke Care program. This program allows the ER to be connected with a Neurologist quickly via Telemedicine should a patient present with Stroke symptoms.

In 2019, Five Rivers Medical Center became St. Bernards Five Rivers after the health system began leasing the facility. St. Bernards Five Rivers currently offers acute inpatient care, intensive care, emergency services, diagnostics and radiology, surgery, and IV therapy, as well as rehabilitation services and senior behavioral health care in Pocahontas, Arkansas.

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