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Ozark Orthopaedics Realizing the Power of Data Exchange to Treat Patients using SHARE HIE

Little Rock, Arkansas October 2022         The core of Health Information Exchange (HIE) is sharing of electronic information between organizations. Because of the power and complexity that’s possible with Electronic Health Records (EHR), organizations such as Ozark Orthopaedics continue to invest significant time and resources to achieve the level of interoperability that’s essential for efficient care.

Today, healthcare providers go beyond treatment, offering preventative care and routine check-ups to keep patients healthy. Through value-based care (VBC) models, the provider is financially rewarded when their patients successfully achieve a core set of care metrics (e.g., reduced readmissions). To provide optimal care and earn financial incentives, the care team spend hours engaging with and outreaching to their patients, which can be both difficult and time consuming. In Arkansas, where patients often receive care across multiple providers, it’s hard to know if gaps in care have been met elsewhere.  The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE), Arkansas’ statewide HIE, data provides insight into the care delivered across providers, hospital networks and geographies.

In Ozark Orthopaedics’ four locations, they are committed to improving the quality and safety of care they provide to their patients. That’s why they have integrated their Athena EHR with SHARE – which allows the clinicians and care team to quickly get the comprehensive medical information they need to deliver efficient and personalized care.

To provide referral partners with the safest, most effective, and efficient care possible, authorized clinicians and care teams need a complete picture of their patients’ medical history—especially in emergencies, when every second counts. By using SHARE Health Information Exchange, Ozark Orthopaedics clinicians can quickly get the medical information they need. Also, when transitioning patients’ care to other providers, SHARE allows the information in Ozark Orthopaedics Athena EHR to travel with the patient, supporting care continuity.

“The significance of SHARE information is not in the mass volume of data available, but in the meaningfulness to close specific gaps for keystone patients. Simultaneously, it provides a secondary benefit of a greater understanding of these patients and where and when they receive care, which allows us to adjust resources and strategies.”

About Ozark Orthopaedics:

Ozark Orthopaedics has been setting the standards for total orthopaedic care in Northwest Arkansas for more than 65 years. Their expert physicians and physical therapists treat injuries and problems of the spine, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, foot, and ankle, as well as sports medicine concerns. The board certified or eligible physicians of the Ozark Orthopaedics, Ltd. provide quality, comprehensive orthopaedic care. They were started in 1948 by the late Dr. Coy Kaylor. They currently have 14 Physicians, 1 APRN and 5 PAs in (4) locations treating injuries and problems of the hand and upper extremity, shoulders, knee and hip, foot and ankle, and sports medicine problems. A patients’ treatment and recovery are a team effort of physician and patient. At Ozark Orthopedics they’ve always encouraged patients to take an active role in returning to the lifestyle they seek.

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