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Woodside Medical is Redefining Southern Health Care with Connection to SHARE HIE

Little Rock, Arkansas November 2022       

The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) announced today Woodside Medical is leveraging its community health data from local hospitals, ambulatory/specialty sites, and behavioral health centers to better track and manage continuity of care delivery activities for its population, specifically person’s living with multiple chronic conditions.

Woodside Medical hopes to redefine southern health care, bringing top quality healthcare in an efficient manner, with a focus on patient provider interaction, access to health information, and responsive staff creates healthier Arkansans.’  

“We use the patient’s healthcare encounters captured in SHARE as a way to engage with our managed care team and local providers to assure appropriate case management and follow-up after an inpatient discharge for example. We can update the individual’s care plan if issues are experienced and confirmed at one or more healthcare facilities.”

SHARE supports population health initiatives like transitions of care management where patients with comorbidities require special care along with more to treat social determinants of health conditions. Woodside Medical successfully demonstrates the power of informed clinical decision-making to manage effective care of a target population in Southern Arkansas. 

SHARE gathers Woodside Medical patients’ clinical data from all participating health care providers into secure electronic health records to instantly give a holistic view of their health history, treatment, and progress. That is powerful information that transforms the way the clinics’ care team plans, delivers and coordinates with their patient population.

Woodside Medical is dedicated to seeing patients as efficiently as possible. They are aware that their patients have busy lives and need to have ready access to care, so having access to clinical results from local hospitals and specialist via SHARE HIE is a game changer. The more relevant patient information the clinic has, the more effectively they can treat the individual—resulting in smooth transitions of care that cater to the patient’s needs and support a seamless, cost-effective patient experience.

“Woodside Medical is a strategic partner in the SHARE ecosystem dedicated to improving care management and southern healthcare. Woodside Medical trusts and relies on our secure data exchange to enhance its population health reporting and improve outcomes at the community level in which they serve.”

“SHARE sending daily hospitalization reports on our patients allows us to follow-up with our patients in a timely manner and get them to see one of our providers. Follow-up after any hospitalization is vital, it is our job to take care of each patient and we can do that when we are notified of admissions.”

About Woodside Medical:  Woodside Medical is a medical clinic & primary doctor serving clients in Monticello, Arkansas & surrounding areas. They bring top-quality healthcare in an efficient manner, with a focus on patient-provider interaction, access to health information & responsive staff. 

Providers: Dr. Jim Carmical, MD, Dr. Katelyn Carmical, MD, Olivia Ross, APRN, Morgan Scott, APRN

Amazing Staff: Julie Pennington, BSN, RN, Julia Barnes, MT, Milton Remley, Paramedic, Amy Jones, LPN, Hayley Woodard, LPN, Kylie Caldwell, RT(R) Kelby Smith, RT(R) Emmalee Satterlee, RT(R) Anna Wright, Keanu Green, Alex Cross, Lexi Dunaway, Evelyn Martinez, Stacy Burns, Kelli McTigrit, LCSW

Specialties: Family & General Practitioner, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Specialty Care, Urgent Care / Walk-in Clinic, Mental Health, Weight Loss, Laboratory, DOT Physicals, Geriatrics, X-ray, MAT Treatment, Aesthetic Treatments, Inpatient Care and Sports Medicine.

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