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Mainline Health Systems Improve Breast Cancer Screening Rates using SHARE


The Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) Mainline Health Systems in Southeastern Arkansas which has thirteen clinics that cover 4 counties have increased their mammogram rates by using SHARE (Arkansas Statewide Health Information Exchange).

Despite gains in recent decades, breast cancer screening rates in the United States remain relatively low, especially among the nation’s most vulnerable populations. Providers and nurses across the Mainline Health System have devised strategies to boost screening rates among the economically disadvantaged patients and patients from underserved racial and ethnic groups, as well as among the general population in the Delta Region in Arkansas.

Mainline Health Systems new effort seeks to increase breast cancer screening rates by eliminating barrier for many women, especially those in vulnerable populations.

If a patient has identified they have received the mammogram at their local hospital, designated staff can log in to SHARE’s Virtual Health Record and pull down the results in real-time.

In order to boost screening rates, Mainline Health System clinics are revisiting its methods for reaching out to patients who are overdue for a mammogram. The traditional approach is to send reminders through the mail, but changes in technology, and in how we use technology, suggest a more fitting option: Simply using SHARE to access real-time information on their patients from around the State of Arkansas regardless of the electronic health records other hospitals or specialist use. Hoping to increase screening participation, Mainline Health System is developing SHARE in its workflow and has proven more effective in getting real-time mammogram results on their patients. This could be especially true for economically disadvantaged patients.

Having access to patient mammograms, labs, and progress notes in real-time has dramatically improved health outcomes in each of their clinics since using SHARE, improving the lives of patients while continuing to increase mammograms in our patients.


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