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Baptist Health Physician Partners has partnered with SHARE to assist in improving clinical outcomes


Being connected to SHARE allows Baptist Health Physician Partners to:

  • Access patient information through this secure exchange allowing Baptist Health Physicians Partners to see a more robust picture of the medical histories from over 45 different electronic medical record (EMR Systems), engendering efficient and safe continuity of care
  • Access to 24-hour daily reports when patients that have been admitted/discharged from the Emergency Room and Inpatient Discharges
  • Access SHARE’s robust Provider and Hospital Directory that spans across the United States


August 2019 —Little Rock, Arkansas.  State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) announces that Baptist Health Physician Partners (BHPP), a clinically integrated network, is now using SHARE, one of the country’s largest and most robust health information exchanges.

A clinical integrated network (CIN) is defined as a collection of health providers, such as physicians, hospitals, and post-acute specialists that join to improve care and reduce costs. As a clinically integrated network, Baptist Health Physician Partners is working with patients, providers and hospitals across the state to improve the health of Arkansans. BHPP is supporting high quality, cost-effective and coordinated care delivered close to home. 

Baptist Health Physician Partners is a physician-driven, physician-led, and physician-managed care delivery strategy that is using SHARE to assist in achieving quality benchmarks such as 30-Day Readmissions, unnecessary use of the emergency room and potentially avoidable inpatient admissions. Through this partnership with SHARE, BHPP receives real-time reports when their patient population is admitted and discharged from the emergency room and inpatient discharged, potentially when their primary care provider’s clinic is open, from a cohort of hospitals that are using different EMR systems.  These daily reports assist in improving transitions of care as well as the quality of care to potential high-risk populations.

Also, through SHARE’s robust provider directory, BHPP has access to secure messaging that allows them to share clinical information— such as clinical care summaries, continuity of care documents (CCDs), referrals, transitions of care documents, immunization records, lab results and images—through secure, encrypted email exchange with other providers and care teams. Most importantly, other providers can send BHPP clinical information instantly.

SHARE continues to be in an intense period of onboarding hospitals, primary care, dentists, pharmacies, behavioral health, long-term care and specialty-care clinics that assist with true interoperability in Arkansas and the nation.

About Baptist Health Physicians Partners

During 2011-2012, Baptist Health worked with a group of 27 Arkansas physicians from across the health system to create a physician led and managed subsidiary, Baptist Health Physician Partners. BHPP is a clinical integration program based on the promise that by working differently with physicians, they can improve clinical outcomes and become more efficient in the ways they deliver care. This idea of physician partnerships was revolutionary in the state of Arkansas.

From 2012 to October of 2016, Baptist Health Physician Partners has grown to 1,000 providers and counting. BHPP has expanded far outside of the system and across the entire state. These 1,000 physicians are working toward one common goal: to improve the quality and lower the cost of healthcare for all Arkansans.

Baptist Health Physician Partners is a physician-driven, physician-led, and physician-managed care delivery strategy. Through partnership with BHPP, physicians have the opportunity to contract collectively with fee-for-service payers and employers for financial incentives based on achievement of quality benchmarks. This quality data is provided by the BHPP IT system: Crimson Analytics.

Crimson Analytics has over 400,000 users and 1,200 hospitals in the United States. This incredible program is of no cost to the physician partners and provides web-based access to quality data. Crimson Analytics provides a continuum of care across all levels of patient care providing quality and efficiency reporting. Crimson Analytics also provides a population risk management tool designed to look in depth at better care for specific patient populations – such as the Baptist Health employee plan.

Everyone in Arkansas can benefit from Baptist Health Physician Partners


Patients receive consistent, well-rounded, and high-quality care delivered from a trusted source through better and more efficient communication among physicians. 


Physicians will be a part of a supportive network of peers and are given the ability to engage in joint contracting with fee-for-service payers for financial incentives based on achievements of quality measures. Physicians have personal access to quality, business intelligence information technology which contains data across the full continuum of care, thus, allowing an opportunity to provide the best possible care to their patients. 


BHPP’s Clinical Integration program will give hospitals the ability to;

  • Demonstrate their quality to current and future patients
  • Enlist physician support for hospital initiatives
  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid readmission and other clinical quality related regulatory penalties
  • Improve performance on hospital pay-for-performance measures.

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