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CareLogic Behavioral Health and Human Services EHR Platform HUB created in Arkansas for Integrated Behavioral Health

  • Methodist Family Health is sending Admission, Discharge and Transfers (ADT) and Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) to SHARE HIE
  • Integrated Behavioral Health model strengthened throughout Arkansas
  • Transitions of Care a key focus

Little Rock, Arkansas October 2021

Integrated Behavioral Health data is on the way for care teams across Arkansas. Methodist Family Health, which includes Methodist Behavioral Hospital and over 40 outpatient clinics across Arkansas is the first to go LIVE with the SHARE, the only statewide health information exchange in Arkansas. The CareLogic Behavioral Health and Human Services EHR Platform HUB is being created in Arkansas for better Integrated Behavioral Health. All Methodist Family Health facilities will be sending robust Admission, Discharge and Transfers (ADT) and Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) to SHARE HIE.

The goal behind this coordinated effort is to better connect behavioral health care teams with primary care physicians and acute care hospitals with real-time data on the patients they serve.  The current system thus far has been missing key behavioral health clinical results of when a patient leaves an inpatient and outpatient behavioral health facility. With the secure integration and transmission of clinical results with SHARE HIE, these types of data are now available to the care team statewide.    

With value-based care reimbursement models, being introduced in Arkansas by health plans, accountable care organizations, clinically integrated networks, this type of integrated care puts an emphasis on better outcomes in long-term patient health. Value-based care model connects a provider’s reimbursements with better patient outcomes, and rewards health care providers who weigh the best options for their patients towards promoting better long-term health.

“Rather than focusing on the quantity of patients that are treated, this method of health care places a focus on the type of care each patient receives and helps to ensure that providers are as efficient, and that the integrated behavioral health is a key component in the care continuum”, said Jennifer Horner, Director of Health Information Management, CL System Admin and Chief Privacy Officer at Methodist Family Health. She added, by integrating our EHR system to SHARE will allow us to share medical records securely and electronically with our acute care hospitals and provider partners statewide.

Thanks to a community investment grant from Department of Human Services provided to Empower Healthcare Solutions PASSE and Arkansas Healthcare Alliance to connect behavioral health and developmental delay facilities to SHARE.  This grant has allowed behavioral health facilities to integrate their EHR systems to SHARE HIE, Arkansas’ only statewide health information exchange.

May be an image of child and text that says ‘A Complete Continuum of Care From therapeutic day treatment for Kindergarten through 12th grade to psychiatric residential treatment centers, therapeutic group homes, school-based counseling services, Methodist Behavioral Hospital for children 3 to 17 and more. Arkansas children and families have counted on the care of Methodist Family Health for over 120 years. FAMILY Methodist HEALTH Call 877-778-1197 [email protected]

About Methodist Family Health

Established in 1899, the Arkansas Methodist Orphanage was built by the state’s Methodists who were concerned for the care of orphaned and dependent children in Arkansas.

As attitudes and regulations about orphanages changed, so did Methodist Family Health’s services. Renamed Methodist Children’s Home, the home grew into a comprehensive residential treatment system with group homes throughout Arkansas in the decades that followed. In 2001, Methodist Children’s Home founded a subsidiary corporation, Methodist Behavioral Hospital, Inc. Together in 2003, they became Methodist Family Health, consolidating the operations of the full continuum of care established by Methodist Children’s Home. In addition, the new nonprofit entity, Methodist Family Health Foundation, was founded as the development arm of the operating entities.

Explore Their Timeline

Today: Methodist Family Health manages the Methodist Children’s Home, Methodist Behavioral Hospital, Methodist Counseling Clinics and Arkansas CARES (Center for Addictions Research, Education and Services). Methodist Family Health also offers levels of care ranging from the most restrictive service level (acute psychiatric hospital care) to the least restrictive service level (outpatient counseling) as well as all intermediate residential levels of care.

Continuity of care is provided through use of the proven Teaching-Family Model. The goal of this model is for the Methodist Family Health client to become proficient in social and independent living skills so she or he can reunite with family or move to the least restrictive residential treatment setting appropriate for her or him, such as a therapeutic foster home, or re-enter the community as an adult.

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