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“ We depend heavily on the SHARE all patient 24 hour daily reports alerting us when our patients are being admitted and discharged from the ED and Inpatient discharged, SHARE is simply part of our daily workflow.”

Lynn Ward, Performance Coordinator
UAMS, Little Rock Arkansas

SHARE is wonderful and is very useful in our clinic. We are utilizing SHARE to see historical medical histories of our patients to help in their care, especially our new patients.

Brittany Watt, Care Coordinator
Baxter Regional Medical Center Family Clinic


"SHARE is a great resource for identifying our members in a timely manner who were recently admitted to the hospital.   We receive the data overnight and alert the assigned Care Coordinators each morning for members with an admission to assist with effective discharge planning and follow up with their PCP and/or specialty providers. This process has increased our ability to assist members to ensure all needs/barriers are being addressed."- Jamie Ables, Clinical Service Manager

Jamie Ables
Empower Healthcare Solutions Little Rock Arkansas


“The SHARE 24 Hour Daily reports for ALL our patients, regardless of payer, have been very helpful!  The 24 Hour Daily report also catch people that are our patients, but don't show up on the hospital reports for various reasons”- Sheryl Wilchman, Office Manager

Sheryl Wilchman
Main Street Medical Clinic PA, Benton Arkansas


“Mainline Health System has dramatically improved health outcomes in each of our clinics since using SHARE by having access to patient mammograms, labs, and progress notes in real-time,”- Jeni Barham, RN

Jeni Barham
Mainline Health System, Southeast Arkansas

“All mammogram results are made available in a single visit which makes it easier for patients to receive breast cancer screening and/or any follow-up care,”- Byron Montgomery, APN

Byron Montgomery
Mainline Health System, Southeast Arkansas

“SHARE simply helped restore the life of someone on the waiting list by allowing our providers to have real-time access to a medical history to determine if donation was possible.  We had a family who mentioned their loved one had a cancer diagnosis, but didn’t know all the details.  We researched the patient’s medical records and didn’t find the cancer diagnosis. We then checked SHARE where we found the complete story regarding the cancer, which resulted in the patient becoming a tissue donor. Because of SHARE’s ability to display multiple hospitals’ visits, we were easily able to find the information needed. Without SHARE, this patient would not have been able to enhance the lives of others due to the lack of information.” -Paul Coulter, Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency (ARORA), Donation Development Liaison

Paul Coulter
ARORA Donation Development Liaison

“SHARE allows us to follow up with patients when we know they have recently been discharged from the Emergency Department, whether it is Arkansas Methodist Medical Center (AMMC), University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) or Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC),” -Regina Rushing Burkett, Director of Community Relations

Regina Rushing Burkett
Absolute Care Management Corporation, Jonesboro
“SHARE has been great. It is extremely helpful to have access to the records when one of our patients has been seen at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.”
—Misty Ross, Clinic Administrator
Misty Ross, Clinic Administrator
Harvey Pediatrics, Bentonville

“SHARE has assisted us by identifying emergency department visits and inpatient stays of our patients when they go to other hospitals connected to SHARE.” Carole Neeley, RN, PCMH Lead

Carole Neeley, RN, PCMH Lead-
Delta Health Services, Dumas, AR