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Access Medical Clinics Expanding Locations while Utilizing SHARE HIE in Daily Workflow

Little Rock, Arkansas February 2023       

The State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) HIE securely provides a comprehensive picture of a patient’s care across providers and regions with Access Medical Clinics. Access Medical Clinics now has over 35 clinics statewide from Garfield to El Dorado and growing. Patient’s records are updated 24/7 with each encounter with connection between SHARE and their Athena EMR. Connecting practitioners to timely and actionable patient information facilitates care coordination and promotes cost-effective solutions.

SHARE is a gateway to real-time, actionable patient data to improve routine care, emergency care or care management. Data can be queried directly from the Athena EMR or accessed through the SHARE Virtual Health Record (VHR) Portal. With increased patient mobility and expanded healthcare delivery options, SHARE provides access to the bigger patient picture 24/7.


TESTIMONIAL: Our clinics have used SHARE HIE for over 5 years now and have been very satisfied with the service they provide. They do just what they set out to do and have connected our clinics with valuable patient health information including hospitalization reports daily.  It is very common for there to be a delay in receiving patient records, and this can truly hinder the overall care they receive and their experience at the clinic. Having immediate access to this information has assisted us in providing more thorough treatment plans, medication management, and improved overall patient care. Our providers, like many, monitor large patient caseloads along with their medication management. The option to upload our provider caseloads to have alerts sent to them regarding their specific patients has assisted with providing the best patient care we can, while reducing duplicate work, and additional costs to the patients. Dr. Bradley Bibb, MD, Family Physician, Access Medical Clinic Arkansas

TESTIMONIAL:  Access Medical Clinics are working diligently to improve continuity of care for our community. Over the last years we have been so excited to partner with SHARE to electronically connect to outside health care providers. Our care coordination team now has the tools and resources we need to improve care outcomes. Living in rural areas of the state there is often a large disconnect in information sharing. I am thankful SHARE is working to bridge that gap. Skip Carter, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Access Medical Clinic Arkansas

Types Data Exchanged with Access Medical Clinic with SHARE HIE

  • Demographics: Name, Gender, DOB, Race, Ethnicity, Language, Insurance Information
  • Allergies, Medication Allergies, Immunizations, Medications & Observations
  • Clinical Summaries & bi-directional Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)
  • Diagnoses, Procedures & Discharge Summaries
  • Lab Tests, Values, Results, Other Diagnostic Results & Problem Lists
  • Radiology Reports
  • Vital Signs (Height, Weight, BP)

Health information exchanges (HIEs) are crucial for connecting communities and ensuring patient medical records are always available. As value-based care brings more focus to patient social needs, HIEs allow organizations such as first responders, prison clinics, organ donation organizations, schools, social determinants of health screeners, and behavioral health and IDD centers to connect and share patient information. The first step to increasing participation in HIEs is to ensure that rural providers understand the benefits associated with this data exchange and then outlining strategies to help them access the technology needed. Increasing the participation of rural hospitals in HIEs plays a role in helping struggling providers enhance care coordination to improve performance. With access to clinical data, providers and care teams can gain key insights to their patient populations and the unique problems they face, while simultaneously reducing the burdens on the providers who can make better decisions for their patients. Connecting rural hospitals, specialists and behavioral health is moving the dial on nationwide interoperability efforts that aim to shift to value-based care models with the goal of improving patient outcomes.


About Access Medical Clinic: Access Medical Clinic is a leading family practice providing a complete complement of care and treatment options for patients throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Indiana. With its dedicated team of physicians, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and other healthcare providers and support staff, Access Medical Clinic is committed to helping every member of your family stay as healthy as possible at every age and every stage of life.

The clinic offers an array of medical care services, including routine and school physicals and other preventive care services, Medicare annual wellness visits, DOT physicals, pediatric well visits, women’s health visits, sports physicals, immunizations including flu and pneumonia vaccines, treatments of illnesses and injuries, and health screenings aimed at preventing disease. In addition, the clinic features an on-site laboratory for testing that’s both convenient and thorough. Walk-in visits for urgent care needs are also welcome. 

Every member of the Access Medical Clinic team provides individualized care based on each patient’s unique medical needs and lifestyle factors, including age, for optimal health and wellness in patients of all ages, including pediatric patients and seniors. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of care in a relaxing, patient-centered environment. Access Medical Clinic offers several convenient locations to serve both new and established patients and accepts most major insurance plans.

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