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ARcare Treats Complex Patients Throughout Rural Arkansas Using SHARE HIE Data

Little Rock, Arkansas April 2023      Despite the widespread availability of secure electronic data transfer, most medical information is sometimes locked in data silos. To improve the completeness of a patient’s record and close gaps in fragmented care coordination, ARcare Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) continues to expand their connection to SHARE HIE. On Friday March 31, 2023, a massive tornado rummaged through Little Rock to Wynne, Arkansas causing destruction and devastation in its path.  ARcare’s connection to SHARE HIE continues to offer a streamlined way to receive clinical data in real-time on the patients they serve throughout Arkansas while getting alerted on daily hospitalizations and emergency room encounters. The statewide community FQHC clinics have instant access to the most current patient-encounter data ─ physician notes, lab results, diagnostic results, procedures, ordered prescriptions and more ─ to inform clinical diagnoses at the point of care especially during national disasters such as tornadoes.  

Through SHARE, ARcare’s 75+ locations in Arkansas, can access patient data that is actionable, relevant, and easily accessible. This data is available at a provider’s fingertips and helps impact patient care, especially in rural areas.  

“When we have a complex patient with multiple diagnose, mental illness or on dialysis with multiple medications who can’t explain what’s going on with their health, the ARcare team uses the information in SHARE HIE to communicate the patient’s history and provide the best care possible.”

Here’s how the partnership and collaboration work: When an ARcare patient arrives in the emergency department or is admitted to the hospital, SHARE sends out a notice of hospitalization. “SHARE hospitalization reports are delivered daily to ARcare’s clinics, which assists our care teams on ED and IP follow-up”, said Lauren Fields, Chief Nursing Officer. “The hospitalization reports assist us in transitions of care management of our patients statewide which allows for timely follow-up on a patient’s needs”, said Fields.

SHARE then provides the clinical data through a query and response into the ARcare’s Greenway electronic medical record (EMR). This clinical data notifies the physician and care team regarding the patient status, new diagnosis, medications, and treatment — right then and there, making it actionable for transitions of care management.

As medical care facilities seek to support patient safety and be responsive to their complete medical needs and histories, ARcare recognizes that establishing an infrastructure for data sharing must be a top priority. ARcare often refers patients to specialists, and SHARE streamlines patient data exchange, making it faster and more secure.

Health information exchange (HIE) is an important tool for improving efficiency and quality and is suggested for providers to meet promoting interoperability and value-based programs. Health information technology has the potential to improve the quality and safety of health care while reducing costs. At its core, health information exchange (HIE) entails the ability for multiple care providers and stakeholders to access a patient’s medical information appropriately, efficiently, and securely. This in turn continues to allow ARcare to assist Arkansans to live their best life.  

ARcare Story:  For over 40 years, ARcare has instilled commitment, compassion, and trust throughout Arkansas, Kentucky & Mississippi. Beginning in 1986 with Dr. Steven Collier’s unquestionable mandate to serve “the least, the last, and the lost,” ARcare has brought superior healthcare to patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Their mission to ensure patients can benefit from affordable, routine medical care comes from the vision of CEO Dr. Steven Collier. In 1986, Dr. Collier aimed to ensure that patients in rural Arkansas could get quality medical care, and he has helped provide access to healthcare for patients throughout the tri-state area ever since. Services include primary care, behavioral health, pharmacies, community outreach programs, and more.

Although ARcare isn’t a free clinic, it’s a federally qualified health center (FQHC) with discounted rates, so all the residents of these areas can receive the care they need. They see patients with insurance, without insurance, and with not enough coverage. They see all who need healthcare.

With board-certified family care providers, community health centers, and the very latest in medical technology, ARcare partners with our patients from rearing to retirement, assuring all members of the family are provided the absolute best in healthcare.

Mission “Health for All”:  ARcare delivers quality healthcare throughout our tri-state service area of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. ARcare’s mission, “Health for All,” runs through the hearts of our medical professionals and staff members alike.  We provide state-of-the-art healthcare and treat each of our patients with dignity, regardless of their plight in life or their ability to pay.


ARcare’s vision is to be the largest primary care provider in the South, the provider of first choice in our communities, and a national leader of community health centers.

ARcare’s values are to guide employees in providing superior service while fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision.

  • Stewardship – Valuing our resources daily to ensure our mission tomorrow.
  • Positive Attitude – Empowering employees to create an energetic work environment.
  • Integrity – Honesty, ethics, and dedication in all we do.
  • Respect – Appreciating all people, work, and ideas.
  • Improvement – Continually striving for performance excellence.
  • Teamwork – Achieving our goals together.


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